Views (Ditthi)

Knowledge of wrong views is a great protection which helps not to fall in any of them. For better understanding of Patthana and reality itself through Patthana it is essential to know what is correct and what is wrong. Knowledge of wrong views cleans the way for developing path factor Right View without obstacles.

Below are the most exhaustive and profound parts of Tipitaka on wrong views.

“Treatise On Views” is a second part of┬áThe Path of Discrimination (Patisambhidamagga) (available in print from PTS)

Translated into English by Bhikkhu Nanamoli


The All-Embracing Net of Views (pdf)

The Brhamajala Sutta and its Commentaries

Translated from Pali by Bhikkhu Bodhi

This sutta is just a part of Tretise On Views mentioned above.