Guides to Patthana

Structure of Patthana Class (Part 1 of 3)

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

Materials of the Patthana Structure Class:

  • Chart of 22 triplets and 100 couplets of Dhammasangani together with analytical states (Download PDF)
  • Chart of analytical states of Investigation Chapter (the 7th Chapter) (Download PDF)
  • Chart of positive conditions of first 6 Chapters (Download PDF)
  • Chart of negative conditions of first 6 Chapters (Download PDF)
  • Special Charts (mind maps) which were in use during the class to represent some points visualy and easy (Download archive rar)
  • Software which can open and edit the mind maps can be downloaded here
  • Classification of 122 elements by 5 groups (Download XLSX)
  • Patthana Reader in colors (Download PDF)

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Further Guides for studying Patthana:

Guide to Conditional Relations Part I by U Narada (available in print at

Guide to Conditional Relations Part II by U Narada (pdf)

The Buddhist Philosophy of Relations by Ledi Sayādaw Mahāthera (pdf)
Paṭṭhānuddesa Dīpanī – a comprehensive introductory manual which can partly substitute and partly complement Guide to Conditional Relations Part I by U Narada

The Conditionality of Life  (pdf)
An Outline of the Twenty-Four Conditions as taught in the Abhidhamma
by Nina van Gorkom